Intersectional Perspectives


Voices, Opinions & Insights for Conversations Promoting Empowerment & Strengths of communities

Intersectional Perspectives
You've happened onto a blog intended to host guest authors who shed light on experiences of various populations, relationships with self-care, and other topics related to social justice and social work.
Intersectional Perspectives (IP) is operated by Samantha Foss , a social work student in the heart of Central Texas. With an heart and mind eager to learn, respect, and honor others lived experiences Samantha chose to start this website as a way to highlight the voices in a wide spectrum of populations. Additionally, IP is aimed at helping fellow social work or social justice advocates and activists. Samantha pursues writing and featuring guests who seek ways for workers to take care of their bodies and minds in the work of caring for others.

Topics intended to be covered:

  • Gender expansive people
  • Adoption/foster care
  • Women's rights
  • Mental health advocacy
  • Physical health advocacy
  • Reproductive rights
  • Outdoor Therapy
  • Social Work/Social Justice Advocates Self-Care

    And more!
    Please contact Samantha if you'd like to have your voice highlighted.